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Never Fear

Submitted by Kristina S.

Jason is a 6'2" security guard who is also trained in fire rescue and emergency response. 

I'm Kristina. A graphic designer who runs her own business by day, and immerses herself in TV shows on DVD at night. I have an obsession with giraffes.

Together, Jason and I love to shop around for new an exciting beers to try, restaurants to eat at and for the most part, we just love to curl up on the couch with a good movie and be cute. Aw.


Belly Buttons

Submitted by Charlotte S.

This is me and my husband Hector. We have been married for 4 years this July 28th! Every year we like to take a photo of ourselves so when we are 100 we can look back and laugh at ourselves. This is last year's photo. 

I love Hector because he has so many talents...he takes the most amazing photos I ever did see, he can play the guitar, the flute and the spoons! He can also do 5 different whistles. I call him my bear 'cos he is big and strong and looks a little like one. He is not always perfect...yesterday he tried to extinguish me with fly spray when he was being grumpy and sometimes he tries to poke my belly button even though he knows I have a phobia of belly buttons!! He does however take good care of me and I hope we get to spend the rest of our lives together having fun, photographing memories and generally being silly. If you would like to see more of our photos you can see them here


Foxy Ladies

Submitted by Danielle C.


Ass Print

Submitted by Sarah O.

This photo is of my boyfriend smiling with great pride because he has just imprinted the ass of his jeans into his leather couch. Some info about this guy is that he likes hot rods, pickles, pickled eggs, hissing, and blaming me for all the bad food that he eats. He hates being a lawyer and his grey hair. Also, he once peed in my walk-in closet one morning while still semi-drunk from the night before. I guess he thought it was the bathroom.


Mustache Paradise


Submitted by Dylan F.


I am Dylan, a guy who is liked by all except those who don't like him, or are indifferent to him.

A shining beacon of light created by his sheer prescence (and electric current running through a filament.)

A man whose vanity is only surpassed by how awesome he is.

I can provide proof in this photo.

Draw me and make my day... and perhaps your own... that is, if you're looking for a good time.


We're Sorry


Submitted by Lynn S.

This is me and my boyfriend Brett.


All Around Awkward


Hey! My name is Meaghan and this is a picture of me and a couple of my teammates. Courtney is on the left, I'm in the middle looking absolutely gorgeous and Aubrey is on the right. I don't know how much there is to say about this pic besides the fact that it's pretty much all around awkward...


Guest portrait by Harry H.


Princess Morticia


Submitted by Wendy D.

This is my cat Morticia. She is 7 years old. She is feisty most of the time, but is very loving when she wants to be, which is rare.

She loves yogurt and licking suckers. Oh and loves to talk, I mean all the time. She mostly lays on the couch and has a cute little gray and pick mouse she plays with that's her favorite toy.


Thanks to Guest Artist Christine who was reading an economics textbook in the cafe and decided to come on over and see what was going on.