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Submitted by Ashley J.

My name is Ashley and my husband is Tim. We both love being in the garden growing vegetables to eat and looking after our three chooks. Not long ago we "lost" a chook in an unfortunate incident. She was egg-bound, which means she had an egg stuck inside and we had to help her get it out... or so we thought! Poor Mavis the chook died with Tim's finger up her clacker! But we like to think a warm bath and a little anal stimulation isn't the worst way to go!

Anyway, if you want to read the moderately long story its here on our blog.




Expensive Hobbies

Submitted by Emily N.

My hobbies include: Button collecting, antiquing ( this involves buying people's old crap and displaying around my home. I especially love old aprons), crip walking ( a kind of jig usually done by crip gang members (don't worry i'm not a crip member,)) and attending competitve eating contests. My favorite color is granny apple smith green. My favorite number is 333. My favorite foods include: peacock, sushi, and ostrich eggs (a very expensive habit.) One last thing- I drink nothing but bloody marys. Just a note- this photo was taken when I was 16. I am 24 now. So my boobs are a lot bigger.


easter tears

Submitted by Roz D.


Here's a free crappy Easter joke as a bonus:

Why did the Easter egg hide?
He was a little chicken!