Free Crappy Portraits





Submitted by Christine F.

Brian makes sound effects for video games – Pew pew, bang bang, Biff, KerPlow. Brian shoots inanimate things.

Christine is prim and proper in her 8-5 executive sales assistant cubicle. She is the perfect complement to the blood sucking corporate world.  Christine likes vampires that sparkle. She is confident she was a sparkly vampire in a previous life

We both love traveling. Especially to Seattle. Some day we will live there, so we don’t have to travel there. We also love dogs and have 3 little ones. Roxie the malti poo, Landry the beagle, and Abby the basenji (would adopt more if these 3 didn't already hog most of our king size bed) (did we mention they are little?)

Zombies are awesome. Detailed discussions, debates and planning on the zombie apocalypse are frequent.



Clouds for eternity

Submitted by Morgan H.

This is a photo of myself and my boyfriend, taken at our close friends' wedding. It was one of the best days I've ever had with him. Almost better than a day in the life of a couple of unicorns who live in the clouds looking at
clouds and eating clouds for eternity.


boom boom boom

Submitted by Jordan L.

This is me and my best friend Zach! He's really tall, plays the guitar, sings, and runs. I like to photograph, travel, and  embrace my insanity!  We both like to: see who can make the best  fart noises between the two of us, see how awkward we can make people feel at parties we go to, and take popular songs and change them so they're about food. 

one of my faves is (sung to the tune of Firework by Katy Perry): Baby your a potato! Come on let your skin burn! Make em go PO-TA-TO! you're gonna leave em going O-BESE-O. BOOM BOOM BOOM. Even bigger than the MOON MOON MOON!" 



Camp friends

Submitted by Greta R.

The three of us (in the picture) like:
head butting people like billy goats,
showering as a unit (in swimsuits, of course)
jumping off docks into lakes holding hands,
hugging trees,
making friendship bracelets,
proposing to random people,
raiding our camp's kitchen (we are all camp friends).


Unicorns and Bears

Submitted by Vicky T.

My name is Vikki and my husband is Doug. I have a love for glitter, unicorns and rainbows and my husband has a love for the Boston Bruins.


We Hate Disneyworld

Submitted by Jessica P.

We're Kirby and Jessica and we're newlyweds. We like 50's rock and roll, the movie Clifford, and twice a year Kirby's family goes to Disneyworld. We hate it there.



Submitted by Alyce S.

Hi! I’m Alyce & the fellow is Michael!! He likes beer! I like any orange drink. Our cat is a Mexican loco ninja kitteh who goes by the name of “Mr Jigga”!
The guy we live with looks like a potato, I've had a fear of potatos since I was like 7 :l – Im fearful sleeping :/
We love love love cheese!
Bulldog named Bruty Mactooty – he does the worst farts (we call them BFs – Bruty farts) he also skate boards > and has a crush on ninja cat.
We call Australia homeeee! Harry Potter obessed! Sunglasses = love!


Cats for Obama

Submitted by Lauren F.

Chances are if you see me, I will be rocking my Ray Bans, a bum hat, and a delightfully hideous old man sweater. (each of these can be seen in the pics included! woo!) Also, if you see me I will probably be riding my longboard because its my favorite mode of transportation.  I also have a consuming obsession with cats, even though I don't have any. (boo.) Seriously, cats are lovely. I especially like cats for Obama! (google it, you wont be disappointed. woot woot for democratic felines!) AND OH!! I love love LOVE tea and coffee. Its safe to say its an addiction, for real. Along with cheese. Holy socks I like cheese. Any form/ type is fine with me! Weeeeee!



Submitted by Kayla D.

These are my roommates :)
Going off the bottom picture, from left to right:
Alexa- California girl who loves dancing, trying new things & cooking.
Kayla (ME!)- California girl who loves Taylor Swift, blogging, anything involving people & parties, favorite color is sparkle pink. 
Janelle- Colorado girl who loves swimming & Transformers (her celebrity crush is Optimus Prime).
Rachel- Minnesota girl who loves chemistry & Harry Potter, she thinks she's a wizard.
Together, we go on adventures, cook yummy Sunday dinners, plan game nights & talk about getting married... eventually.